Horizon Photography

It's always pretty awesome when a passion can turn into more than just a hobby. My husband is a natural with a camera. For him, he just enjoys it, toting his camera with him everywhere. Traveling for work, he's been able to see a lot of the country and has taken some beautiful photographs. For Christmas last year, his present from me came in the form of a logo that would hopefully become his business. And then on his birthday, a stack of luxe business cards from Moo, each card graced with a different image. 


Serendipitously, over the past year, his hobby has become more. He entered a Minted art competition this summer, and we were absolutely delighted when he won THREE editorial picks! His work is now for sale through their site. It's been super exciting and we're looking forward to his photography business growing, including an online store where his prints can be purchased. Good things happening!

Annette AllenComment